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Linkflora: customer reviews
Below you can find several hundreds of Linkflora & Flowers2Poland customer reviews from the past 3 years. We have removed almost all recipient, sender and address details to ensure the security of the private details.

To add review please send it by email to
Review sent on 2019-04-26:
Excellent helpful service.

Review sent on 2019-04-25:
I just wanted to thank you again for having such great customer service and being very prompt with delivery time! She loves the flowers as always! Thanks again for helping me put a smile on her face!

Review sent on 2019-04-24:
The flowers were perfect. This is a very useful site to use for Poland which I will continue to use.

Review sent on 2019-04-23:
Super helpful and efficient!

Review sent on 2019-04-21:
The arrangements were beautiful. Thank you very much! What a lovely surprise to get to see a picture of what you sent. Your staff is amazing and I look forward to sending more things in the future to our friends there in Warsaw! I wish more florists here in the U.S., were as professional and thoughtful as your company is! It is such a pleasure doing business with you all! All the best to you and your colleagues for a very Happy Easter!

Review sent on 2019-04-19:
Thank you for your suggestions. You went to a lot of trouble to try to call Halina and calling me in the US. I am so very happy with your company and service.

Review sent on 2019-04-18:
Thanks a lot for your support!

Review sent on 2019-04-11:
I have used your company in the past, and will do so in the future also. Many thanks!

Review sent on 2019-04-10:
I was in hesitation to pay for such a service for long time, but I am really happy that you all made it all smooth and it worked out very well. Definitely, i will keep using your service and recommend you.

Review sent on 2019-04-08:
Just now I also received the thank you note from Justyna and she was very excited about the flowers. She said they were, and I quote: simply wonderful. Thank you for helping us make her a better day.

Review sent on 2019-04-08:
She LOVED them and brought tears to my wifes eyes since not much happiness there. My wife said it is beautiful and colorful. So glad I found you! God Bless!

Review sent on 2019-04-04:
It is very nice of you managing to send me the picture. I do appreciate your thoughtful and caring services - from the beginning assistance in ordering to the after-sale care. Linkflora is very good in their service much more than I expected (especially for a person who lives in a different continent wanting to send flowers to oversea friend like me). I will definitely count on your service next time I need help on sending flowers.

Tran Le
Review sent on 2019-04-03:
Thank you so much. I appreciate you service. Thanks a lot.

Review sent on 2019-04-03:
Thank you very much. You are a pro. Anna was delighted to receive the flowers. You can count on my continued business.

Review sent on 2019-03-30:
Thank you! I really appreciate the level of professionalism your company has!

Review sent on 2019-03-29:
Thank you! I appreciate your good job.

Review sent on 2019-03-26:

Review sent on 2019-03-23:
Thank you so much. This follow up is wonderful and comforting. Pleasure doing business with you.

Review sent on 2019-03-21:
Thank you! She loved the flowers!

Review sent on 2019-03-21:
Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Review sent on 2019-03-20:
Impressed. The flowers look amazing. I will be sure to share with my Polish friends here.

Review sent on 2019-03-19:
High quality services :)

Review sent on 2019-03-16:
Awesome site to send flowers in Poland, they were very responsive and did an excellent job over all.

Review sent on 2019-03-14:
Thank you. My mother in law is very happy! She has sent me a photo and they are beautiful.

Review sent on 2019-03-13:
I just wanted to thank you for the great service, quick and very comunicative. Great Job!

Review sent on 2019-03-11:
Thank you so much for your service. I am very happy, my order have been delivered on time. Your workers are very kind and responsible for their job. Thanks again.

Review sent on 2019-03-09:
Great service and friendly - thank you.

Review sent on 2019-03-02:
Excellent service. The flowers were really appreciated. Thank you.

Review sent on 2019-03-01:
Extremely helpful, proactive and quick to offer solutions.

Review sent on 2019-02-26:
Perfect! Thank you for the quick and detailed service. It is sincerely appreciated.

Review sent on 2019-02-21:
Thank you so much! I appreciate you being thorough and making sure the order was correct and sent in a timely manner. Thank you so much for your professionalism and she loved the flowers which is the main thing!

Review sent on 2019-02-20:
Thank you so much, you were great! I will choose you again in the future.

Review sent on 2019-02-15:
Thank you. She loves the flowers!

Review sent on 2019-02-15:
Very nice from you to have sent me this picture. The flowers are indeed very beautiful and I am very happy with your services.

Review sent on 2019-02-14:
Thank you very much. The flowers are simply beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Review sent on 2019-02-14:
All worked out fine. Thank you for letting me know and for your care and diligence. I am very pleased with the results.

Review sent on 2019-02-13:
Thank you so much for your swift service.

Review sent on 2019-02-11:
You are great!

Review sent on 2019-02-11:
Thank you for taking the time and trouble to get the photo and providing an update. Also many thanks for the upgrade of the bouquet. They were well received and I am absolutely happy with your service. Thank you again for taking the extra steps and care. Be in touch again soon for next order :)

Review sent on 2019-02-08:
We always have great experience with your business. Thank you.

Review sent on 2019-02-07:
Fast and effective service.

Review sent on 2019-02-06:
I thank you. Our family has used your services a few times now. Service exceeds our expectations! I again appreciate your service. You are our go to company.

Review sent on 2019-02-05:
Thank you very much for sending the picture of the flowers. They loook lovely. I appreciate your gesture and will certainly use LinkFlora again. I will also make sure my family and friends know about your excellent service. Thank you again.

Review sent on 2019-01-24:
Thank you! The bouquet is beautiful! We are very pleased. Again, thank you so much!

Review sent on 2019-01-23:
Thank you so much for a lovely picture! it is very nice and thoughtful of you. They are beautiful :)

Review sent on 2019-01-21:
Thank you very much! They are stunning! My family in Poland enjoys your flowers very much! This particular bouquet was so welcomed because of the long cold winter and the arrangements really brightened their spirits! I appreciate your professionalism and thoughtfulness.

Review sent on 2019-01-10:
I will definitely use you again. All the very best!

Review sent on 2018-12-29:
Beautiful, thank you so much. I will continue to use your service!

Review sent on 2018-12-27:
Great job.

Review sent on 2018-12-24:
Thank you! You are amazing! Merry Christmas.

Review sent on 2018-12-22:
Many thanks for your great service...

Review sent on 2018-12-19:
Thank you so much, I have just seen a picture and the flowers are beautiful. I will certainly use you guys again! :) :) :)

Review sent on 2018-12-18:
Happy Holidays and thanks for running such a good service.

Review sent on 2018-12-15:
I like your service so much.

Review sent on 2018-12-13:
Awesome customer support.

Review sent on 2018-12-13:
Great service!

Review sent on 2018-12-03:
Excellent helpful service.

Review sent on 2018-12-02:
Hi, just would like to say huge THANK YOU for your service. Will recommended to all my friends.

Review sent on 2018-11-28:
Many thanks for such a wonderful service. It is really appreciated by all the family. Best wishes.

Review sent on 2018-11-26:
Thank you very much for your lots of help!! I really appreciate.

Review sent on 2018-11-26:
All the flowers were lovely when we arrived she loved them. Thank you so much!

Review sent on 2018-11-20:
Thank you so much for all of your help. We sincerely appreciate it.

Review sent on 2018-11-10:
Again many thanks, I appreciate your help and attention during this difficult time for me and my family.

Review sent on 2018-11-09:
Thank you, I’m glad they got it out on time. Thanks for everything, I will place the order next time, thank you for the advice. Take care and the flowers were terrific so I am a satisfied customer and will be back. Thanks again!

Review sent on 2018-11-07:
Thank you so much for the service!

Review sent on 2018-11-07:
I just want to tell you how fantastic I think you all are and how much easier my life/relationship has been because of your company. Kudos to all that you do and all of your hard work! Sincerely, your loyal customer.

Review sent on 2018-11-03:
I really appreciate you sending me the photo! Thank you so much and I cannot wait to place my next order with you! Thanks again!

Review sent on 2018-11-02:
Your service was good... She already sent me the photo of the bouquet once she received it. Actually the bouquet looks nice and the flowers look fresh. Again thanks for the service.

Review sent on 2018-11-02:
Thank you for your personal service!

Review sent on 2018-10-29:
Thank you!

Review sent on 2018-10-29:
Pawel was very helpful helping me with my order!! He made sure everything was completed and I think I just found a place I can use to deliver flower to my family in Europe.

Review sent on 2018-10-27:
I talk with the recipients, she got the flowers and it looks beautiful. Thank you.

Review sent on 2018-10-25:
Thank you very much!!! And I know also my girlfriend loved the flowers!!! So one more time thank you!!!

Review sent on 2018-10-22:
I just want to express that I was assisted and helped by Aleksander really well. He is very assertive and very polite. Thank you again for the good service.

Review sent on 2018-10-22:
Thank you for your support for all the order, greatly appreciated your personal work and support and the bouquet created. I am looking forward to use your service again in the future and suggest to friends and colleagues. Thank you so much!

Review sent on 2018-10-19:
Kind and helpful service.

Review sent on 2018-10-19:
Great customer service!

Review sent on 2018-10-18:
Very professsional.

Review sent on 2018-10-16:
Wow! Thanks! I am very grateful with LinkFlora, you are such an amazing team!

Review sent on 2018-10-15:
Thank you so very much for your help in this. The flowers were received and very much appreciated!

Review sent on 2018-10-12:
Thank you so much for your great service.

Review sent on 2018-10-08:
Thank you again for a great service and the quality of flowers. My friend sent me a picture of the fresh flowers after three days looking like NEW. This is my second time I have sent it through your website and the quality is fantastic!!!

Review sent on 2018-10-03:
Thank you very much for your service. It was all splendid (flowers+teddy bear+chocolates).

Review sent on 2018-10-02:

Review sent on 2018-09-27:
Thank you very much. The flowers are indeed beautiful! Thanks again.

Review sent on 2018-09-24:
Perfect!! Thank you so much!! I am happy too!!! Thanks!!

Review sent on 2018-09-19:
Nice service, thank you!

Review sent on 2018-09-11:
Pawel was very helpful.

Review sent on 2018-09-10:
The representative was wonderful, he was extra helpful and we are happy that he spoke such excellent English, as my Polish is very bad.

Review sent on 2018-08-29:
What an experience dear, wooooooow, I got a call from them and the guy treated me with so much respect, care and corporate ethics. I am amazed, guys trust me, try LINKFLORA once you will surely love this just like me. I rate this guy 10/10 for his overall services, courtesy, class and values. Thanks Linkflora, you made my day. Loved it!

Review sent on 2018-08-21:
You were very helpful and provided great assistance.

Review sent on 2018-08-16:
The order was taken very politely and my questions were answered well. Thanks!

Review sent on 2018-08-08:
Well spoken and kind, best customer service I have had in a long time.

Review sent on 2018-08-01:
Thanks for quick feedback and I also received a good reaction :) Thanks for handling my request professionally. I look forward to using your service again.

Review sent on 2018-07-23:
Everything looked great, thank you!

Review sent on 2018-07-17:
The flowers were perfect! I am soooo happy, thank you for everything!!!!

Review sent on 2018-07-15:
Thank you for all your help and getting the gift to Thomas on time. Really appreciate it!

Review sent on 2018-07-05:
Excellent service.

Review sent on 2018-07-04:
Many thanks for taking care. I also very much appreciate your excellent follow up by e-mail and a personal phone call. It is this type of outstanding response that causes customers to remain loyal.

Review sent on 2018-06-28:
Thank you to all at Linkflora for your help with my order. I was uncertain how to have flowers delivered in a country that is foreign to me & where I do not speak the native language. I found Linkflora in Google & from there you made it very easy. I must add that the recipient was surprised & very grateful so it worked out well for everyone. The bouquet was beautiful.

Review sent on 2018-06-22:
Thank you for your expert service!

Review sent on 2018-06-09:
Thank you so much, as usual you are so helpful and efficient, and I will have no hesitation in recommending your site to anyone who needs flowers sent abroad.

Review sent on 2018-06-05:
Thanks for the quick and efficient services that you always provide.

Review sent on 2018-05-30:
Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your efforts delivering flowers. You went above and beyond to make sure that they arrived. Thank you very much.

Review sent on 2018-05-29:
Just a few words to thank you for the excellent service and for being so kind to change the delivery hours.

Review sent on 2018-05-28:
Thank you so much. My mother in law loved the flowers. You guys have never let us down. We are customers for life!

Review sent on 2018-05-26:
Thank you very much. She loves the flowers. Good job!

Review sent on 2018-05-26:
Thank you for everything! Heard from my mom as well and she loved the flowers.

Review sent on 2018-05-21:
Thanks for your support!

Review sent on 2018-05-08:
Very cooperative and excellent representative.

Review sent on 2018-05-04:
Thank you for your great service.

Review sent on 2018-04-28:
Very good experienced customer representative. I appreciate it, we used to place order with another florist but they were not so much customer friendly like this website. My future orders will be through Linkflora only.

Review sent on 2018-04-27:
She emailed to say she loved them. Thanks.

Review sent on 2018-04-26:
Thank you so much, my lady received the flowers, they were lovely. Thank you!

Review sent on 2018-04-23:
For sure I will use you guys in the future, thank you!

Review sent on 2018-04-21:
Hey guys, I wanna thank you for being so professional and nice, the flowers got there right on time and she loved them! Thank you very much!

Review sent on 2018-04-16:
Thank you, that is perfect! I am very thankful with your service, I will choose you next time in the future as well.

Review sent on 2018-04-04:
Our partners in Poland just received the basket of flowers we ordered and they were very excited. You were very helpful and right on time. We will most certainly work with you again and reccomend you.

Review sent on 2018-04-04:
Thank you very much, you were very professional and the birthday girl was really happy. She even sent us pictures.

Review sent on 2018-03-29:
Great customer support!

Review sent on 2018-03-11:

Review sent on 2018-03-09:
Thank you very much, Linkflora! You are awesome as always!

Review sent on 2018-02-14:
The flowers are beautiful, thank you!

Review sent on 2018-02-12:
Thank you so much. Brilliant service!!!

Review sent on 2018-02-11:
Thank you, my family is very happy with the flowers!

Review sent on 2018-02-09:
Very nice, Very kind.

Review sent on 2018-02-08:
Thank you very much for your usual professional service. I am thrilled.

Review sent on 2018-02-02:
Everything was ok.

Review sent on 2018-01-31:
Thank you so much! It was delivered perfectly fine. Have a good day!

Review sent on 2018-01-28:
Everything was okay! Thank you again, your team is amazing! I will contact you during the year to send more bouquets to the same direction.

Review sent on 2018-01-24:
Thank you very much, I was hesitant to order flowers online because I wasn’t sure about the customer service that I would receive but your company has been by far the most helpful kind caring and informative flower company that I have ever dealt with. God bless you.

Review sent on 2018-01-22:
Thank you very much for all your help! You have great customer service.

Review sent on 2018-01-21:
Thank you. I was told that the flowers were very nice.

Review sent on 2018-01-19:
Everything was perfect. I am more than sure that this is not the last time I use your services. Thank you for everything. Hanna is true professional. I dont know who is the owner but all I can say i congratulation on his choice of staff.

Review sent on 2018-01-19:
I got reaction in a second you delivered it. What can I say but THANK YOU!

Review sent on 2018-01-14:
Thank you, gifts are very nice and thanks a lot for your work!

Review sent on 2018-01-07:
I would like to thank you for your extreme good service and quality! I will make sure to recommend and use it again.

Review sent on 2018-01-03:
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly I appreciate that you have contacted the family also. What a very good service you offer. Many, many thanks.

Review sent on 2018-01-02:
Thank you so much for your e-mail. Thank you! We really love using your service as we have relatives there and you have always been a great florist! Happy New Year!

Review sent on 2018-01-02:
I love your service!! Very personal! Thank you!

Review sent on 2017-12-24:
Hi, I just want to thank you for service with my order. My friend was very happy with her flowers, it was a pleasure to deal with you again. Many thanks for your help.

Review sent on 2017-12-22:
Dear Linkflora. As always, your service is excellent. Thank you very much. I have already recommended your company to several of my Polish friends here in Vancouver. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New 2018 Year. Your loyal client.

Review sent on 2017-12-20:
Many thanks for the notification - a very dependable and invaluable service. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and new year 2018.

Review sent on 2017-12-20:
Thank you very much for delivering the ordered flowers in accordance with my request. My wife was very happy with them and said they looked very nice!! Dziękuje za pomoc i życzę Państwu Wesołych Świąt!

Review sent on 2017-12-14:
Thank you very much, that’s really amazing service. Very grateful.

Review sent on 2017-12-14:
Thank you - we will do business again.

Review sent on 2017-12-13:
Many thanks for delivering the flowers and also keeping me informed.

Review sent on 2017-12-12:
I am glad you got in touch with the recipient and agreed to deliver the flowers at her work address. Thank you for the excellent service!

Review sent on 2017-12-12:
Thanks for your excellent service in the delivery of flowers to my friend Patrycja Lewicka. It was my fault giving you the wrong address, and you kindly corrected it. She was delighted with the flowers, and I am delighted with your customer service. You have earned my business for all my future gift giving in Poland.

Review sent on 2017-12-09:
Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind customer services.

Review sent on 2017-12-08:
Thank you again! Your Customer Service is fantastic and I will not only purchase flowers from Linkflora in the future, but will highly recommend you to my friends. All the best!

Review sent on 2017-12-01:
Your service is always perfect. I am impressed every time at how you call within minutes of my placing the order to clarify any small ambiguities or necessary modifications to the order. And no matter how short notice I have provided you always deliver right on time. Best service in Polska!

Review sent on 2017-12-01:
Thanks for the splendid services provided always.

Review sent on 2017-11-29:
Thank you again. I really appreciate the great service.

Review sent on 2017-11-27:
Thank you for the excellent and professional service, I am very happy with it.

Review sent on 2017-11-23:
Thanks so much, excelent customers service. Great job guys congratulations.

Review sent on 2017-11-22:
Thank you for a most wonderful service yesterday when you called me because of concern about the exact time of the funeral. This was really touching. Thank you so much!

Review sent on 2017-11-21:

Review sent on 2017-11-20:
Thanks for being so accommodating!

Review sent on 2017-11-19:
Hi, I just wanted to compliment Linkflora on your exceptional customer service. It is wonderful that I can rely on your company for flower deliver even at short notice. I think It is great that I can see from Australia the tracking of the order and the personal touch given to the order processing. I have ordered now 3 times with you guys and I am very happy with your company even to the small details of having my poor Polish spelling corrected. Thank you for picking that up. You guys do a great job.

Review sent on 2017-11-17:
Thank you for everything, the flowers came out great and were very beautiful. They were delivered on time I would like to thank you for your help and making the process so easy I really appreciate all of your help.

Review sent on 2017-11-15:
Thank you so much for your help. You have been very good and helpful. Many Thanks!

Review sent on 2017-11-13:
Pawel was very helpful! Thank you very much.

Review sent on 2017-11-09:
Thank you very much!!! Brilliant service.

Review sent on 2017-11-07:
Thank you and I will definitely be using your company in the future also.

Review sent on 2017-11-03:
Hi - thanks for always delivering quality flowers on time! I appreciate that!

Review sent on 2017-10-31:
I am very satisfied with the service. The flowers were wrapped very beautifully. Customer service is amazing. I was ordering the service from USA. It was easy and quick. Highly recommend this company.

Review sent on 2017-10-28:
Thanks so much for the best customer service. Best wishes for your business.

Review sent on 2017-10-23:
Thanks a lot for such a nice service you people provided. Really appreciate it. Would like to use it services in future also and would introduce your services to my friends also.

Review sent on 2017-10-23:
An excellent service and thoroughly recommended.

Review sent on 2017-10-19:
Hello! Just to say thank you! I am very satisfied with your service, the flowers were beautiful and my girlfriend was really happy. Can’t wait to make my next order!

Review sent on 2017-10-16:
May I please take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Pawel in particular but also your company. Admittedly once I realised I could translate your page the process became easier but Sunday night when I emailed you I was worried that I would not be able to send flowers to a friend who I care a lot for and is undergoing treatment. Your rapid response and efforts to facilitate this exceeded my hopes and I am truly grateful!

Review sent on 2017-10-15:
OUTSTANDING! USA to lovely POLAND without any problems. EXCELLENT product and customer service.

Review sent on 2017-10-14:
Thank you for the most kind communication. I will be sure and leave A+ Feedback at your site. Many Thanks!

Review sent on 2017-10-12:
Thank you for all you updates and trying your best to get the item delivered. Highly appreciate your services and certainly will use frequently rather than other company and will recommend to friends. Thank you :)

Review sent on 2017-10-11:
Thank you so much for your expedite response and meeting my requirements. Wish all the best to you and team. Good job :)

Review sent on 2017-10-05:
I am always very satisfied with your service. Thank you so much for always helping me for surprise to my best friend in Warszawa and his father in Dzierzoniow ;)

Review sent on 2017-10-03:
Good morning and many thanks for your help and efforts in organising those for me. Great service and much appreciated.

Review sent on 2017-10-03:
I just did a review of a recent order - I rated everything at the top level. I do know how superior the customer service was from Poland to the US. Thank you for everything.

Review sent on 2017-09-30:
Thank you - your service is excellent!

Review sent on 2017-09-23:
Thank you very much! I want to compliment you for the way you contact me and the family. The webshops at the Netherlands can learn a lot from the way you make contact with your customers. Thanks a lot!

Review sent on 2017-09-21:
I would like to say how pleased I am with the services and I assistance I received from beginning to end when ordering flowers.I was not sure how easy it would be to order flowers from the USA to be delivered in Poland but your staff made the process very easy. They were helpful and I felt like a valued customer. The flowers were beautiful and I could not have had a better experience. Thank you and everyone involved.

Review sent on 2017-09-12:
Thank you very much for your very good service!!

Review sent on 2017-09-12:
Thank you so much for sending me this photo. The flowers are beautiful, thank you! I will certainly recommend your company to my friends and family.

Review sent on 2017-09-10:
Thank you very much Hanna. Service has been excellent again like always!

Review sent on 2017-09-08:
Everything was great, thank you very much.

Review sent on 2017-09-07:
I received message and photos from the recipient of the flowers and the fruits basket. The delivery was nice on time. The flowers are beautiful and the fruit basket is big with a lot of fruits. She was very happy and I am also very happy of the quality of the flowers and fruits basket. Thank you for the good service!!!!!

Review sent on 2017-09-06:
They were so happy. Great flowers and service. You have a new customer now :)

Review sent on 2017-09-03:
Love your services, it is kind of must have an appreciation moments of efforts you put into this ocassion. My wife was astonished and so much pleased by the gesture and efforts you guys put in to make this moment special for me and my wife. Amazing. Highly recommend your services and your efforts and for sure in near future I will hire your services again for any occasion. Blessings for your business and services!

Review sent on 2017-09-03:
Thank you very much for the delivery of the bouquet. She loved them very much that she was extremely excited the whole weekend. You remain my favourite flower shop.

Review sent on 2017-09-03:
Dear Pawel, thank you very much for your email and the information. It looked lovely. My best regards and thanks.

Review sent on 2017-09-03:
I was very happy with the flowers they were beautiful. Thanks you very much for everything.

Review sent on 2017-09-01:
Thank you for you excellent service once again. Have a nice day ;)

Review sent on 2017-08-30:
Beautiful roses, job well done! Thank you.

Review sent on 2017-08-29:
Dear Pawel, THANK YOU very much, that is really very kind of you. What excellent service you offer! Again, a million thanks, for everything. It has been a pleasure dealing with you for this order.

Review sent on 2017-08-25:
Thank you so much, your service has been fantastic. It is much appreciated in the sad time.

Review sent on 2017-08-24:
There is no one else I would contact, you are wonderful!!!!

Review sent on 2017-08-21:
Thank you for your great and fast service! I already created an account and will certainly order again! Thanks for helping making my Królowa happy!

Review sent on 2017-08-20:
Thank you very much, my family said the flowers were beautiful.

Review sent on 2017-08-20:
Thank you so much for your service, everything was impeccable!

Review sent on 2017-08-18:
The flower arrangement looks beautiful, but the service you provided is amazing as well! I am grateful that in my home country people are holding their businesses in to such a high standards. Thank you!

Review sent on 2017-08-18:
The bouquet was great. You did wonderful, professional job getting the delivery together.

Review sent on 2017-08-18:
You folks did a great job & my wife enjoyed the flowers very much!

Review sent on 2017-08-17:
I am pleased to say that the flowers were later received by my friend. Thank you for your excellent service and have a nice day. Very best wishes.

Review sent on 2017-08-16:
Recipient of the flowers was delighted, your service was impeccable, thank you :)

Review sent on 2017-08-15:
I wanted to inform you that the recipient found her flowers at her doorstep, and she loved them!!!! Once again thank you for your excellent work!!!

Review sent on 2017-08-14:
Thank you very much for your services!!! I really appreciate your eagerness to provide an excellent service. Have a nice day and thank you again.

Review sent on 2017-08-13:
It was great! Thank you very much!!

Review sent on 2017-08-12:
Very nice.

Review sent on 2017-08-11:
Thank you for the great service!

Review sent on 2017-08-10:
Thank you for flowers, my friend said they were beautiful. I would definitely use your company again and recomend you.

Review sent on 2017-08-08:
Thank you for your service. Our family members were pleased with the the bouquets.

Review sent on 2017-08-03:
Thank you so much for your friendly and efficient service.

Review sent on 2017-07-31:
Yes they were received, excellent service I will use again.

Review sent on 2017-07-29:
Just wanted to thank you for the flowers recently delivered to my wife. The quality of the arrangement and the freshness of the flowers was superb. A huge thank you to the fantastic florists you used. Once again, Linkflora has provided me with a superb service.

Review sent on 2017-07-29:
Just want to say thank you for the lovely flowers that you sent to my friend. Thank you also to Pawel who was so helpful with my telephone order.

Review sent on 2017-07-28:
Thanks. They sent my a picture of the flowers. They are very nice.

Review sent on 2017-07-28:
All was perfect. She have received flowers, and I am fully satisfied about all. Thanks.

Review sent on 2017-07-26:
Thank you so much for your note and your extraordinary service. I am in complete agreement with your plan and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Review sent on 2017-07-20:
Thank you again for resolving this matter so promptly. If at any time I need to send flowers to Poland I would definately use your company again.

Review sent on 2017-07-15:
Thank you. You have been very professional during the entire process. I will use your services in the future.

Review sent on 2017-07-14:
Thank you very much. I will be happy to write a positive review about your good service.

Review sent on 2017-07-13:
Thank you very much! Lovely flowers and excellent delivery time considering I placed the order from Australia just 5 hours ago!

Review sent on 2017-07-03:

Review sent on 2017-06-30:
I was with Marta in lodz when she received the flowers... Very beautiful set... She was surprised and happy... I am also happy about quality of flowers, they are very fresh. Thanks again.

Review sent on 2017-06-29:
I wanted flowers delivered to the airport and Pawel was amazing at helping me getting it done. Really great support!

Review sent on 2017-06-27:
Your service is excellent.

Review sent on 2017-06-19:
He was very happy. Very good experience with Linkflora.

Review sent on 2017-06-14:
Thank you so much for delivering my last minute order! My mother got her flowers in time and absolutely loved it!!! Great job. Your service is amazing! Thank you so much.

Review sent on 2017-06-14:
Thank you for your help Pawel. The flowers were received promptly yesterday. I am very impressed.

Review sent on 2017-06-13:
I have sent flowers many times, and Alexander has always been the biggest help for me!

Review sent on 2017-06-03:
Your service is stunning... And photo I received is another proof of this. Thanks again.

Review sent on 2017-06-01:
We thank you for the flowers that were delivered. The picture you sent shows us just how beautiful they are as his mother was saying.

Review sent on 2017-06-01:
Thank you so much!!! The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!!!! My mom loved them! She actually sent me a picture as well because she has never seen such a beautiful, soft and feminine bouquet!!! Thank you for making her feel so special.

Review sent on 2017-05-31:
That is great, thank you very much. I appreciate your effort and concern.

Review sent on 2017-05-30:
Just wanted to thank you for the most recent floral bouquet we had ordered and delivered to my mother-in-law. She said it was the nicest, freshest, rich looking and best bouquet that she has received from us. Thank you very much and have a nice week!

Review sent on 2017-05-30:
Thank you very much - all is well and much appreciated.

Review sent on 2017-05-30:
Thank you so much for the excellent service.

Review sent on 2017-05-30:
Thank you very much for the follow up. My mom is very happy with the orchids and I will continue to send her flowers with Linkflora! Thanks for the service.

Review sent on 2017-05-28:
Thanks a lot. Your service has been just perfect, as usual. The flowers are extrememly nice. I have seen the pictures sent by my wife!

Review sent on 2017-05-27:
Lydia has told me the flowers she received are gorgeous and she is a very happy lady. Thank you for your excellent service.

Review sent on 2017-05-25:
Thank you so much!! The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!!!! Beyond my expectations!!! Beautiful job!!!

Review sent on 2017-05-18:
Very helpful - satisfied customer! Amazing service and response! Order completed and changed according to local florist - solution proposed suited me well - very very good After sales service! Will order again! Even from the other side of the world! Thank you Paweł. Happy customer in Mauritius

Review sent on 2017-05-18:
Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate your effort. My wife just received a delivery from you today for her birthday and the roses were excellent. I am happy with your service and i will continue to use your company for future flower deliveries.

Review sent on 2017-05-17:
Your service was fine. On time delivery and nice items. Thanks.

Review sent on 2017-05-13:
100%. I have been with link flora for last 1 and half year and more and in future also. Thanks!

Review sent on 2017-05-08:
Thank you very much for doing that. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in the matter. Kind regards from Australia!

Review sent on 2017-05-05:
The recipients liked the flowers very much.

Review sent on 2017-04-26:
Excellent service and I will keep Hannas telephone number for future orders to Poland.

Review sent on 2017-04-19:
Your service was fine, thanks.

Review sent on 2017-04-16:
Hello! Thank you for your service once again! The basket looks great!

Review sent on 2017-04-16:
The flower basket was beautiful, and the recipient absolutely loved it ! Thank you for making such a wonderful Easter arrangement.

Review sent on 2017-04-12:
Thank you for this extra effort, it is greatly appreciated.

Review sent on 2017-04-09:
We have found the service of Linkflora to be excellent in terms of assistance, delivery on schedule and the quality of the ordered wreath and bouquet. I would recommend Linkflora to everyone who would like to send flowers to Poland from anywhere. Our thanks for all the assistance over the years.

Review sent on 2017-04-07:
She loved the flowers!!! Thank you for your excellent services!!!! You are awesome!!!

Review sent on 2017-04-05:
Thank you for fast, friendly and good service.

Review sent on 2017-04-03:
Thanks for your good service. I appreciate that you deliver flowers before time .

Review sent on 2017-03-30:
Thank you! They look beautiful and my fiancee is very happy.

Review sent on 2017-03-29:
We thank you for all your efforts and for your good assistance. Thanks again for all the good job you and team are doing ! We wish to add more partners 5 stars like you!

Review sent on 2017-03-24:
Thank you. Good job. Have a nice weekend. You have already a new customer.

Review sent on 2017-03-24:
That is excellent service which we appreciate. Have a good day!

Review sent on 2017-03-14:
​Thank you so much, This is my third time using your service and again I am really satisfied! Next time without any doubt I will use your service.

Review sent on 2017-03-08:

Review sent on 2017-03-02:
I ordered flowers and chocolates for a friend in Ostrow this morning. I would like to thank you for your excellent service and for the happiness you brought to an 81 year old lady who has never received such beautiful flowers. In fact I would say she has never had them delivered to her door before. Thank you.

Review sent on 2017-02-16:
Absolutely professional manner, very fast response, helpful, friendly. I would rate 5 stars for everything.

Review sent on 2017-02-15:
I like your service as you responded to my query very fast.

Review sent on 2017-02-15:
Thank you very much. I can confirm that she received the flowers and liked them very much.

Review sent on 2017-02-15:
You were awesome! I ordered, from Brazil, a flower arrangement to deliver in a small city in Poland, on Valentines day. You delivered the same day and is was flawless! Congratulations! My girlfriend was all in happiness tears!

Review sent on 2017-02-14:
This is the second year I send flowers to this girl with you on Valentines day, and I am very thankfull for your good and kind service. I did not knew you sent the card written by hand, that is a nice gesture. Please, communicate everyone involved in this service, how thankful I am, because you help me every year being closer to this special person, and she is very happy every year she find this beautifull gift.

Review sent on 2017-02-14:
Thank you very much for the delivery on time. I get a great and nice reaction on the flowers already from my girl. Thank you a lot for the good service again!

Review sent on 2017-02-14:
Thank you. She is very happy.

Review sent on 2017-02-14:
Thank you for the heads up. I really appreciate your service and communication.

Review sent on 2017-02-13:
Awesome. Thank you for the great customer service.

Review sent on 2017-02-11:
Thank you very much! You are great!

Review sent on 2017-02-11:
Thank you very much. I am happy with your services and for your professional service.

Review sent on 2017-02-08:
I am glad someone called ahead to find out if the recipient was there. Thanks, that was very nice!

Review sent on 2017-01-31:
I am writing to say thank you to Mr. Pawel for his outstanding service with my order , I am very appreciative always of his suggestions and help in such a professional way. He is such a great asset to your company, I am sure you already know that. Thank you again.

Review sent on 2017-01-19:
She loved the flowers! She is sooooo happy! Thank you.

Review sent on 2017-01-18:
Thank you so much for your fast, on-time delivery!

Review sent on 2017-01-12:
Thanks for your help Hanna in placing the order.

Review sent on 2017-01-10:
Pawel is the man, thank you for all your help!

Review sent on 2017-01-09:

Review sent on 2017-01-05:
Thank you for your assistance. Your promptness was much appreciated.

Review sent on 2016-12-24:
Thank you very much. It always gives me pleasure to do business with you.

Review sent on 2016-12-23:
Thank you! Merry Christmas to everybody at Linkflora. Thank you for delivering beautiful flowers and gifts to my family in Poland through the year.

Review sent on 2016-12-23:
Merry Christmas! I love your service! Keep up the good work :)

Review sent on 2016-12-23:
Seriously, just want to say best customer service I have experienced anywhere! Keep up the great work!

Review sent on 2016-12-22:
Thank you. I continue to be very pleased with your services!

Review sent on 2016-12-19:
Thank you very much guys, you are the best at what you do. I appreciate your service and I will not hesitate to refer you to other people who might need your services.

Review sent on 2016-12-19:
Your service has been excellent for the past 4 years that we have used your company to deliver flowers and candy to our family and friends in Poland. We have never been disappointed and plan to continue using your services in the future. With that in mind, no one who received the flowers mentioned any unprofessional behavior on the part of the delivery person and everyone was pleased with the quality and beauty of the flowers. However, since we live in Ecuador we can only rely on the comments made by our family as to how much they appreciate the thought behind the flowers.

Review sent on 2016-12-17:

China Flower Shop
Review sent on 2016-12-15:
Thank you very much!!! I wish you and all the people, in your shop, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Review sent on 2016-12-14:
I very much appreciate your effort to reach the recipient. I do appreciate the way you conduct your business. All the best and I will visit again in May.

Review sent on 2016-12-13:
Thank for this, the recipient received the flowers and they were in their best condition :)

Review sent on 2016-12-10:
Thank you!! They are lovely.

Review sent on 2016-12-08:
I would just like to thank for excellent service you today provided for my order. I also received an photo of the flower bouquet from the receiver and it was absolutely amazing. I would appreciate if you could forward my thanks to florist shop in Pila, who made the bouquet. So once again, thank you!

Review sent on 2016-12-05:
Thank you so much. The flowers were very nice indeed, better that in the picture.

Review sent on 2016-12-05:
Thank you!!! So glad to have found your floral services!!!

Review sent on 2016-12-04:
Thank you very much for your professional service!

Review sent on 2016-11-25:
Awesome service! Very timely delivery.

Review sent on 2016-11-19:
Thank you very much! The recipient loved the flowers and your customer service has been outstanding! I am very impressed and will be using your services in the future along with letting friends and family know about your website. Thanks again!

Review sent on 2016-11-08:
Thank you very much for the excellent flowers. My friends were very happy with them.

Review sent on 2016-11-07:
So far a great experience. Thanks!!

Review sent on 2016-11-04:
Wonderful! Thank you again for all your help and trust with delivering the flowers. My family in Poland was very appreciative.

Review sent on 2016-11-03:
Good job, thank you!

Review sent on 2016-10-24:
Just want to say your service is excellent. Thank you.

Review sent on 2016-10-18:
I just wanted to let you aware that Izabela received her flowers and loved them. She sent me a picture of them. You did a beautiful job on that arrangement. Thank you so much for your great service and keeping me informed about the delivery and everything. Have a blessed evening!!

Review sent on 2016-10-16:
Linkflora are extremely professional and have amazing customer care and service, they’re very helpful and do their utmost best to make the customers happy, their prices are more than reasonable specially when compared to other online florists, top delivery service, beautiful flowers, wonderful arrangements, because of them my girl was amazed and surprised every single time. Thank you guys :)

Review sent on 2016-10-11:
Very good and lightning fast response, Pawel is a good asset for the company.

Review sent on 2016-10-06:
Looking forward to working with your company in the future.

Review sent on 2016-10-05:
I would like to thank all your team in this wonderful company. Many thanks for good services and polite man who followed me today and helped me to complete this shipment... In fact you made me happy cause you made my lovely lady happy too... I will not forget your company, thank you for all team work.

Review sent on 2016-09-28:
Thank you for having a rapid response unit ;-)

Review sent on 2016-09-28:
Thank you for such a fast and efficient service, I have just had a phone call from Anna. She said the flowers were beautiful and she was so pleased with them. They really cheered her up after a very serious operation, they were just what she needed. So, once again, thank you so much.

Review sent on 2016-09-23:
Thank you so much for your service it was wonderful!

Andres Martin
Review sent on 2016-09-20:
Thank you very very much guys! You helped us to make our colleague happy :) Your delivery is very fast and customer service is above all praise!

Review sent on 2016-09-16:
Thank you for your valued service.

Review sent on 2016-09-13:
Thank you very much for the effort. I appreciate it and I would definitely use this website again in the future.

Review sent on 2016-09-12:
Thank you for the great service and have a great day.

Review sent on 2016-09-02:
Much appreciated. Thank you for this superb service.

Review sent on 2016-08-30:
Many thanks for arranging the delivery to the home address, it is very thoughtful of you guys. Much obliged! Thank you very much for sending the photo. Flowers are very nice, I am very happy with them. Also, I would like to thank you for you service and I will definitely use Linkflora again in the future as well as I will gladly recommend to others. Once again thanks a lot for you help!

Review sent on 2016-08-29:
I am really happy to hear this! I am extremely happy with your service and will surely be using you again! Thank you so very much.

Review sent on 2016-08-22:
Thank you!

Review sent on 2016-08-22:
We had thanked you before, during the ordering & processing the delivery of that order & informed you that you had exceeded our expectations. Well, yesterday we received, via email, photographs of the flowers concerned in the order, together with ribbon, as they were delivered to Filip, as they appeared on the grave of my cousin Piotr. Now we have reason to email you again, this time to thank you yet again. We could not have wished for better service or flowers. An order placed from the U.K. & fulfilled in due dispatch, ignoring a National Holiday in Poland, so there would be fresh flowers to be ready for a funeral. Service beyond compare. We would be happy for you to use any of our words of thanks on your web site, so that if anyone here in the U.K. is seeking a second to none service, you have are deserved praise. Again grateful thanks.

Milton & Anne
Review sent on 2016-08-16:
Thank you. Really appreciate your assistance.

Review sent on 2016-08-15:
No questions, just praise. It means so much to us who cannot be there. So very kind, my wife Anne is now crying a little at your thoughtfulness & I must admit I am finding some dust getting into my eyes. What Incredible service you have provided.

Milton & Anne
Review sent on 2016-08-14:
Thank you for once again providing great service, as you always have in the past. Karolina liked the flowers very much.

Review sent on 2016-08-08:
Thank you so much for such an excellent service and beautiful fresh flowers!

Review sent on 2016-08-06:
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU!!! And a special thanks to Paweł and Aleksander!!!

Review sent on 2016-08-03:
Thank you - yes - my wife loved the flowers.

Review sent on 2016-07-30:
It is ok, she loved them... You all do a great job.

Review sent on 2016-07-29:
The flowers have just arrived to my loved one. Thank you very much! I will absolutely recommend you!

Review sent on 2016-07-26:
Thank you for the great service!

Review sent on 2016-07-26:
I am really thankful and happy to your top quality service!

Review sent on 2016-07-25:
The representative was efficient and able to resolve my problem.

Review sent on 2016-07-21:
Your flowers are top quality and your service amazing!

Review sent on 2016-07-17:
Thank you very much. I am really satisfied with the service. This is my second time using your service. I appreciate it. Well done :)

Review sent on 2016-07-15:
Thank you for the update and such nice customer service!

Review sent on 2016-07-08:
Thank you so much for your efficiency! Customer service is first class.

Review sent on 2016-07-06:
The flowers were on show in the chapel, and looked beautiful with the ribbon. I am very grateful for Aleksanders help with choosing the message.

Review sent on 2016-07-04:
Great service!

Review sent on 2016-06-29:
Thank you!!! You were very helpful and quick.

Review sent on 2016-06-25:
Thank you for trying to call us to see which color of orchid we would prefer. The violet orchid was received by the recipient very well and it is very beautiful. Thank you for the high quality flower that pleased us all and your excellent customer service.

Review sent on 2016-06-25:
I do want to send you a message of thanks and congratulations for the excellent service you have provided us!!! First, the unexpected telephone call when you very kindly educated us on the fine points of Polish culture in matters regarding deaths and funerals, and in particular on the appropriate colours for flowers for these occasions. Your advice was very much appreciated, especially when we heard from the family that the colours you advised were absolutely RIGHT! Also appreciated was your offer to provide a translation for the message we had sent with the flowers. You would like to know, I am sure, that, yes, not only were the flowers delivered as requested, but that our widowed relative and her sister were at home to receive them. We have been told that the two ladies were quite overcome by the gift of flowers and the message from the far side of the world, and were in tears as they appreciated the sympathy and support these represented! Once again, I thanks you most sincerely for your excellent service. Well done!!!

Review sent on 2016-06-23:
Thank you very much, my wife is very happy, thanks again.

Review sent on 2016-06-15:
My pleasure. I will be ordering from you only. Thank you!

Review sent on 2016-06-10:

Review sent on 2016-06-10:
I would like to say thank very much for your assistance especially the gentlemen (sorry I do not remember his name) that called me on Wednesday. He was very helpful in guiding me through the process of arranging flowers for funeral in Poland, as I am unfamiliar with the customs.

Review sent on 2016-06-06:
Thank you,very good support :)

Review sent on 2016-06-04:
Thank you very much for your exceptional customer service. I am continually impressed by Ewa received the sunflower bouquet and she is quite delighted. I saw the arrangement on Skype. The flowers are indeed beautiful. The summer bouquet exceeded my expectations. Whenever I send flowers to Poland, I will certainly look forward to your fine service!

Review sent on 2016-06-03:
I am speechless. I look forward to dealing with your organisation again in the future.

Review sent on 2016-05-26:
Thanks a lot, great flowers.

Review sent on 2016-05-26:
Thank you all! You are super!

Review sent on 2016-05-25:
Thank you so much... My ciocia called me and was so happy. THANK YOU!

Review sent on 2016-05-23:
Good support!

Review sent on 2016-05-19:
Wonderful customer service!

Review sent on 2016-05-19:
Thank you. I have been told they are beautiful.

Review sent on 2016-05-18:
It was the first time that I contacted Linkflora. Paweł was a perfect help to make my decision. Dziękuję bardzo!!!

Review sent on 2016-05-16:
Thank you for your excellent service. I am pleased to learn that my order was successfully delivered.

Review sent on 2016-05-16:
Thank you! You are the best.

Review sent on 2016-05-16:
Many thanks. It was a pleasure to deal with you. Very helpful, very efficient.

Review sent on 2016-05-12:
Thank you. My sister received everything. Very glad with your service.

Review sent on 2016-05-12:
I really appreciate your service, It is one of the best online service I have ever used, very professional job and lovely stuff. Thank you so much. I highly recommend to finish the feedback form so everyone can write about his experience and hopefully mark you as high rated flower company.

Review sent on 2016-05-09:
Hannas English was very good and she managed to help with the problem very efficiently!

Review sent on 2016-05-09:
Hello!!! I want to say that the last order what you did with 17 peonies it was one of the best bouquet of flowers in her life!!! If you will can make at the same like this one... I will make new order in a few days!!! Appreciate!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Review sent on 2016-05-07:
Thank you for your email. I am beyond pleased with you customer service! Thank you kindly for being the best in flower delivery in Poland. Have a wonderful weekend.

Review sent on 2016-05-06:
Wow! This is so cool!!! I am so happy!!! Thank you so much guys!! You are the best!!!

Review sent on 2016-04-27:
I am happy thank you so much!!!!!! :))

Review sent on 2016-04-25:
I very glad how you work!!! You doing an amazing job!!! Thank you so much!!! In special thank you for last order with peonies!!! It is her favorite flowers... and she was so happy when received flowers!!!! I hope i will work just with your company... You doing very very very nice job for your customers!!!

Review sent on 2016-04-21:
Amazing help.

Review sent on 2016-04-19:
Thank you so much. Great service.

Review sent on 2016-04-19:
Wow this was awesome service!!!! Thank you so much!!! I will be sure and use your service and recommend to others. My daughter-in-law is from Poland and this is really a fantastic service!! Thanks again!!!

Review sent on 2016-04-19:
Thank you for great service.

Review sent on 2016-04-18:
All great.

Review sent on 2016-04-18:
It is not ok!!!! It is wonderful!!! Thank you!!!

Review sent on 2016-04-13:
Thank you very much for the service. I am really satisfied. I promise, next time I will use your service.

Review sent on 2016-04-06:
Wow!!! That is awesome!!! Thank you so much!! I appreciate!!! You are the best !!!

Review sent on 2016-04-06:
Thank you very much for the great service. I will be back to order again. Warm regards.

Review sent on 2016-03-29:
Perfect thank you, I will be sure to use your services in the future and recommend you to others!

Review sent on 2016-03-26:
The flowers arrangement is beautiful! Thank you for making larger arragment, I appreciate all your efforts.

Review sent on 2016-03-25:
Thank you so much!! The Easter arrangement looks beautiful, and they will enjoy chocolates. Thank you for your effective service!!

Review sent on 2016-03-23:
Thank you very much. I am entirely satisfied with your service.

Review sent on 2016-03-17:
Excellent Job. Thank you very much!

Review sent on 2016-03-08:
Thank you very much for this good service. I am really happy :-) Thank you.

Review sent on 2016-03-08:
Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry!! Within a couple of hours, Yuliya had received the chocolates!! Your service is outstanding!!! It truly is a pleasure doing business with you!!! A very sincere thank you!!!

Review sent on 2016-03-04:

Review sent on 2016-03-02:
They are beautiful!!!

Review sent on 2016-02-27:
My sister has just called from Poland. She said the flowers you delivered were beautiful.Thank you!

Review sent on 2016-02-22:
Thank you so much! She is very happy! :)

Review sent on 2016-02-14:
Thank you. The flowers are great. You did a great job. Thanks again for your efforts.

Review sent on 2016-02-13:
Thank you guys. You are always great and fast, wonderful flowers, tasty chocolate, fresh shiny fruits and awesome services :)

Review sent on 2016-02-13:
You guys are the best, thank you so much.

Review sent on 2016-02-13:
Thank you for the professional job, last time I ordered was on Christmas, it delivered on time, awesome flowers and great chocolate, respectful and hard working people with professional way to deal with clients to keep them posted and updated... Keep it on guys :)

Review sent on 2016-02-12:
Many thanks.... my wife and daughters were very impressed with the flowers which arrived in excellent condition. Personally, I am very impressed with your level of service.

Review sent on 2016-02-09:
I just wanted to write to thank you very much for all your help and assistance in delivering the flowers to my Aunts funeral in Kielno yesterday. I do feel that you have done a wonderful job and I am both impressed and so grateful that you took the time and trouble to contact my cousin to finalise the arrangements. It really was above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you yet again.

Review sent on 2016-02-08:
Many thanks! So efficient, I am impressed!

Review sent on 2016-02-05:
Very helpful and Aleksanders English was excellent.

Review sent on 2016-02-03:
Thank you very much. Your service has been fantastic.

Review sent on 2016-02-02:
Excelent, thank you all.

Review sent on 2016-02-02:
Very good service

Review sent on 2016-01-30:
Thanks for your help. Much appreciated :)

Review sent on 2016-01-30:
Thank you very much, it is a really good service.

Review sent on 2016-01-28:
Thank you very much for delivering the flowers and teddy in record time. Absolutely amazing service.

Review sent on 2016-01-21:
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provide, we are very impressed. You can be certain we will be using your company a lot in the future. Keep up the great work!

Review sent on 2016-01-21:
Hi Aleksander, Thank you so much for your kind help. What great service! Just wanted to take the opportunity to expres my appreciation. Have a great day sir!

Review sent on 2016-01-19:
Thank you! Excellent service, she was delighted!

Review sent on 2016-01-13:
Thank you so much!!! My mother was very happy.

Review sent on 2016-01-11:
Awesome response and so well informed... I want to thank him.

Review sent on 2016-01-04:
Perfect service as always. Thank you!


LINKFLORA Online Florist was established in 1998 and is one of the oldest Polish internet florist. Through all these years we have gained the trust of thousands of satisfied customers. Thanks to these years of experience in flowers we offer the highest quality services - we are proud to have close to 100% customer satisfaction rate!

Most of our orders is for flowers to Poland, but you can also order flowers to other countries. In Poland we can deliver flowers anywhere - to any city, any town, any village, both to company and residential (private) addresses. Our bouquets and compositions are prepared by proffessional master florists, working in close to 1000 local florist shops in Poland. They will prepare a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers for any occassion, creating artistically unique flower dreams.

The most popular occassions are: nameday, birthday, anniversary, congratulations, thank you, love you & miss you, I am sorry, but we can deliver flowers for any occassion. We are also well prepared to deliver sympathy flowers and flowers for funerals - we always treat such orders with special attention, extra care and respect. Bouquets can be delivered along with addons such as: box of chocolates, teddy bear, vase, baskets. We are the only Polish florist chain that takes special orders (both for bouquets prepared according to your suggestions and for special addons).

You can place the order on our website, order flowers by phone, order by online chat or by email. You can pay securely with a credit or debit card, PayPal, by bank transfer or in cash. The Customer Service representatives are ready to help you choose the bouquet and place the order as well as to answer any questions you might have. Please contact us at your convenience by phone, online chat, email or in person at our headquarters. Polish Online Florist delivers flowers and gifts all over Poland, including every big city:

Bełchatów, Będzin, Biała Podlaska, Białystok, Bielsko Biała, Bydgoszcz, Bytom, Chełm, Chorzów, Ciechanów, Częstochowa, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Dębica, Elbląg, Ełk, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Gliwice, Głogów, Gniezno, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Grudziądz, Inowrocław, Jastrzębie Zdrój, Jaworzno, Jelenia Góra, Kalisz, Katowice, Kędzierzyn Koźle, Kielce, Kołobrzeg, Konin, Koszalin, Kraków, Krosno, Kutno, Legionowo, Legnica, Leszno, Lubin, Lublin, Łomża, Łódź, Mielec, Mysłowice, Nowy Sącz, Nysa, Olsztyn, Opole, Ostrołęka, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Otwock, Pabianice, Piaseczno, Piekary Śląskie, Piła, Piotrków Trybunalski, Płock, Poznań, Pruszków, Przemyśl, Puławy, Racibórz, Radom, Radomsko, Ruda Śląska, Rumia, Rybnik, Rzeszów, Siedlce, Siemianowice Ślaskie, Sieradz, Skarżysko Kamienna, Skierniewice, Słupsk, Sosnowiec, Stalowa Wola, Starachowice, Stargard Szczeciński, Starogard Gdański, Suwałki, Szczecin, Świdnica, Świętochłowice, Świnoujście, Tarnobrzeg, Tarnowskie Góry, Tarnów, Tczew, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Toruń, Tychy, Wałbrzych, Warszawa, Wejherowo, Włocławek, Wodzisław Ślaski, Wrocław, Zabrze, Zamość, Zawiercie, Zduńska Wola, Zgierz, Zielona Góra, Żory, Żyrardów.

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